Teaching Our Programs

Being a Simply Music Teacher

Simply Music makes teaching music more possible for more people than ever before. Our programs redefine music teaching and are becoming the new standard in entry-level music learning.

Our unique ‘playing-based’ approach makes real music-making possible for students of all ages from their very first lessons with you.

Many of our teachers never dreamed that they were capable of teaching music. On the other hand, many others are already teachers with a strong background in other methods, who have sought to find fresh perspectives and new ways of overcoming familiar struggles in their work.

A successful Simply Music Teacher loves to play and share music, is at ease with people and has a willingness to embrace new ideas.

Why Teach Simply Music?
  • There’s a particular satisfaction that comes from teaching music, especially when it produces such extraordinary results.

  • Teaching Simply Music means being part of a highly regarded and growing worldwide music teaching community.

  • Our programs are self-instructional, they allow you to train wherever and whenever you choose, as quickly or slowly as you desire.

  • Since the training covers all aspects of teaching and we provide such comprehensive resources, it is possible to teach without having extensive playing experience or qualifications.

  • Whether teaching from home or any suitable location, you enjoy the flexibility and rewards of having your own business.

  • All our teacher-based programs can be successfully taught in small groups, or for our Piano and Accordion programs, you can also choose to teach individually.

  • For very little cost, you can take full advantage of the extensive research and development and many years of hands-on experience that are behind all our programs.

How the Teacher Program Works

You can choose to enroll in any of our Teacher Training Programs that suit your interests and skills. All Programs are based around self-instructional materials and provide teachers with all they need to train themselves successfully.

Your training begins with an introduction to the fundamentals and philosophy of the program, and continues through a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with a clear, structured, guided pathway.

Each level of Teacher Training Materials provides easy-to-follow audiovisual instruction on how to present each lesson. Along the way the materials present unique strategies for addressing the typical concerns and problems that students and parents encounter.

In addition, students regularly receive Simply Music Student Home Materials. These materials support the student’s ongoing development including providing an audiovisual summary of the material that was presented during their lessons.

Simply Music – The Big Picture

We believe our programs have the capacity to permanently alter the culture of music education.

Our vision of a world where everyone experiences music as a natural self-expression is a bold commitment, and presents new and exciting challenges that have never been undertaken before.

Many people have a lifelong love of, or a calling to music. Whether it’s simply a desire to learn how to play, or the dream of turning a love of music into an occupation, our programs have the capacity to fulfill many needs.

Our invitation is to consider becoming a part of this community of teachers, and in doing so, play a role in bringing about a new era of results in music learning.